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rtments of the State Council, mass organizations and social groups, and is resp▓onsible for coordinating the implementatio▓n, supervision and assessment of the


Action Plan.In the second half of 2014, the joint meeting mechanism launched a mid-term assessment of the im▓plementation of the Action Plan, instructed relevant dep▓artments and government institutions to deliver reports on the implementation of the Action▓ Plan, organized experts and sc

holars to ▓carry out corresponding research and investigations, convened

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a mid-term assessment meeting on the implementation of the Action Plan to appr▓aise and review the implementation of ▓the Action Plan for the earlier period, an


d made arrange▓ments on how to better carry out the Action Plan in the▓ next phase.In July 2015, the joint meeting mechanism launched the final assessment of the implementation of the Action Plan. The▓ final assessment was conducted in three stages -- investigation, evaluation and summary. Fro▓m July to December 2015, the Information Office of the Sta▓te Council took representatives of media agencies and human rights experts on multiple tours of in▓vestigation in Beijing, Liaoning, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Guangxi, Qinghai, Xinjiang▓ and other regions where they conduc▓ted interviews and research and listened to co

mments and suggestions of people from all walks of life and the general public. Entrusted b▓y the joint meeting mechanism, the China S▓ociety for Human Rights Studies arranged multiple trips for human rights experts and representatives of social groups to Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, D▓alian, Jinan, Wuhan and other places to conduct investig▓ations on the implementation of the Action Plan.The joint meeting mechanism instructed relevant departments and institutions to make a self-assessment of the completion of their respective tasks concern

ing the Action Plan, and to submit written reports. On this basis, the j

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a▓ry organs

oint meeting mechanism organized a team of human rights experts from relevant departments and institutions of the central government, mass organiza▓tions and social groups as well as the Party Scho▓ol of the CPC Central Committee, Nankai University, Shandong University, Southwest University of Political Science and Law, Shanghai Aca

, depa

demy of Social Sciences, and other universitie▓s and research institutions. The team exam▓ined and analyzed the self-appraisals of each department and institution in accordance with the targets set by the Action Plan, so▓licited opinions and suggestions from member▓ organizations of the joint meeting mechanism and ▓

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